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Tucker and Cissy New Rescues

You can view the video of us on Youtube. Tucker and Cissy (new names)were picked up at the Cleburne Shelter yesterday after they emailed rescue. Apparently they were running lose, so animal control picked them up. They contacted the owner, who said he didn’t want them back. They are real sweet, seem to be in good health, and are about 2 years old, and both weigh about 14 pounds. Cissy went on to another foster today after she got a bath and luxurious spa treatment. Tucker is the black & tan. They are both real sweet. In coming days, they will get health assessment, and will be put on the rescue site when ready for adoption. Watched our Facebook Page(we have over 1,000 fans) for more information. This video is of all the babies on the way to work this morning in the smart car. It was a little cramped with 6 babies! Lance, Dixie, Willie, Bentley, Tucker and Cissy are all featured. Rescue gave them new names, but Tucker is a car name so that’s just fine with us, though something a little more exotic for this sweetie pie would have been ok also. you can see the video on Youtube by clicking here. Here are some pictures taken this morning in the car. It’s hard to imagine anyone letting them go isn’t it? We are lucky to have a strong rescue group, but as I type this, There was likely a Cavalier put down today somewhere in the USA that wasn’t known to rescue, and of course hundreds of tother breeds were put down today, and will be put down tomorrow, so before you consider buying a dog, rescue one. Bentley has been granting parent interviews, so likely will move on to a new forever home soon, we will miss him, but then can rescue another one!

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