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Patch Is Ready For Adoption

Patch is a sweet 7 year old make Tri color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is as sweet as the come. He is house trained, uses a doggie door, and sleeps in a kennel. He loves to play with other dogs, and has no issues with our cat. He seldom if ever barks, and just loves to be held and rubbed, but isn’t needy. He’s had a vet exam, and his heart appears clear and he’s in great overall health, according to that report. He runs and jumps like a younger dog, and has no trouble getting in or out of the car, and loves to go of course. He answers to his mind. he also eats well with the other dogs, and hasn’t exhibited any negative behavior or personality issues. he’s been on a big diet, weighing 33.6 lbs. when we got him, he’s down to 27 lbs., but like needs to loose another 5 pounds, so his new owner needs to be committed to his diet, and no people food. He loves to eat, like all Cavaliers. We foster for Cavalier Rescue USA, and you should find him on the website there, please feel out an application there. You will find him featured in many videos on our Facebook page, Spoiled Cavaliers. Here’s a cute video of him, and another in the car.




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  • Sherry Granget on January 19, 2016

    Would have loved Patch! I suppose he’s gone by now—but if by some sheer luck you still have him–I want him ❤️ Please tell me how to precede to adopt him. And if he has found a furever home…..please email me of any more like him that come up for adoption. I LOVE CAVALIERS. Best Regards, Sherry Granger:; phone: 402-614-2025. Thank you & God Bless

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