The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

The Richest, Most Spoiled & Outrageously Treated Dogs in America

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Big cat is...big! Look at him next to dixie! Twice her size!

Poor Mylie has to share too! Lol

Poor Poor little cavaliers having to put up with the cat. They do deal with it pretty good. Hope you had a nice vacation.

We all have missed you and the babies!

Please keep these coming. I lost my Cav. 3mos. ago & I enjoy seeing yours, so much. Thanks...

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Just adorable!

Just adorable!

Love these sweet babies💕

Lance wags his tail so glad he is doing well!

They are so sweet!

They are adorable! So good to see them!

Sweet as can be. My 3 love the couch too. I cant help but laugh at Lance, he wags his tail when he heard his name. 💖

So stinking sweet!

Awwww I can feel the love ❤️

Thanks again for sharing. I lost my 10yr. old Cav. April 18. He looked like Dixie. 🐶💞💙

Great to see them again

Awww...I miss those nuggets. Glad to hear Lance is doing good!

But, it’s ok to be spoiled🤗

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2 months ago

Spoiled Cavaliers

Time for morning business then treats! ... See MoreSee Less

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Awe. Sounds like my Kingslee.

Thanks...Enjoy so much. I lost my Cav. last April.

I have missed you!

Good to see all of them

Love those helicopter tail spins!

Willie looks so good, as do they all.

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Wow! How cool! Keep us posted!

Lol Ms State Farm climbing into the tractor in her Leboutin’s! 😂😂 Congrats! The babies look adorable up there!!

Awe! God love them!

This is cute, and I hope all the fur babies live a really long time.

Thank you for sharing your dogs. I had to put my Cav. Brody down April 18th. He would have been 10 on May 1st. He had a rare blood disorder. Tears everyday.

Absolutely love all your posts!!!

.....and in heels, no less!

OK - growing up a farmers daughter and driving trucks and combined there is something very very wrong with this picture. Those Cavaliers are not in their overalls!!

Yeah ! 🐶

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2 months ago

Spoiled Cavaliers

This is not good. ... See MoreSee Less

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My babies know when I am getting ready to go away too. I just got back and missed them so much. There is no place like home, especially when home has Cavalier's ♥️

have a good trip where ever you go. Poor fur babies.

Feeling blue