The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

The Richest, Most Spoiled & Outrageously Treated Dogs in America

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Sweet. My Eibur.

Sweetest dogs in the world

So cute, I love seeing the fur babies, thanks.

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Such love on that couch. Love seeing your videos of these precious babies.

Beautiful babies!

Beautiful babies!

Love your babies!

We got this end of the couch covered - Dad !!!

Perfect thumb print on the one on the left!


It’s so good to see everyone! They look great!

so sweet-great seeing them all again!


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Please share. Looking for new home for Winston. He’s the one on the right. He would like to interview you ASAP. All shots healthy. Cavalier mix. About 1 year old. Very sweet and playful appears housebroken. Call Rodney 817-320-7628

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Kimberley Cruse Ellis

Winston, you are adorable!!

Pretty darn cute!


U should schedule an interview

Sarah Cronenworth

Hope Winston finds a home soon!

What’s Winston’s story?

So cute

What a cutie!!


So sweet


What is your rehoming fee

That face! So cute!!!!

Where are you located?

Oh Jamie Hubbard..... want #3?

Dusty Gregg a boy?

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1 month ago

Spoiled Cavaliers

Daddy says we aren’t as good at watch doggie’ as we used to be. ... See MoreSee Less

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My 9 yr old would let you steal the house if she was asleep !!

Horrible watch dogs but they're cute!

Best lap dogs

I’ve missed your posts. Glad to see them again

So good to see everyone!

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I did build Golden Triangle Dog park, but havent figure out how to get the cats or anyone else to pay for it.

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Lol. Love it.

Lol! I love it!

KyLee Heins Amber Lies Kim Birkholz Lies

So cute.

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