The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

The Richest, Most Spoiled & Outrageously Treated Dogs in America

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Allison Muenchlance found an empty lap... 🙂

1 day ago
Allison Muench

Paula NewmanI always love your videos! Your dogs are so precious! Would love to give them sugars sometime!

21 hours ago
Paula Newman

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Mariann GroelingWhere is willie

2 days ago
Mariann Groeling

Sissie WhiteLettuce will keep our girlish figures, but......WHO CARES? Daddy, we need MEAT!!!

1 day ago
Sissie White

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Marti Van CleefWhere is Willie?

5 days ago   ·  1
Marti Van Cleef

Meda Stanger-LangenfeldWillie??!!

5 days ago
Meda Stanger-Langenfeld

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Cathy MitchellBogey would be whining...."where's the chic. where's the chic"

1 week ago
Cathy Mitchell

Allison Muenchlovin' the fur babies...

1 week ago
Allison Muench

Arielle RidleyLove this one!

6 days ago
Arielle Ridley

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Michelle D NewberryI love the staircase!!

1 week ago   ·  3

Jennifer MondorLol. My guy stay at the top of the stairs like that but he is also very out spoken like Lance.

1 week ago
Jennifer Mondor

Sandra MayMine won't use the steps. I should look for stair treads like your guys have.

Attachment1 week ago   ·  3
Sandra May

Ruthie RochfordLove the Staircase. Dogs are cute too.

1 week ago
Ruthie Rochford

Robert LeGroWe love you Lance 🙂

7 days ago
Robert LeGro

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