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daddy was overwhelmed with all the folks that wanted us to keep posting here, in addition to Facebook, some didn’t have Facebook accts, he wanted you to know you can also get a feed of our videos we post daily at our YouTube channel, just look for Spoiled Cavaliers on you tube, and subscribe to our feed there.

Daddy says to find our posts at Facebook, Spoiled Cavaliers, where we post a video each day (we have over 600 videos)

I guess its sad, but since we post every day on Facebook where we have over 25,000 fans, I’ve decided to stop posting here. Were you following the blog? email me and encourage me to start posting again!

you will find our video library, over 600 as of early 2015 and growing, at our YouTube channel, “spoiled Cavaliers”

Daddy says we’re famous, we’ve been on HGTV in a special called Pet Palaces, on Good Morning America, and are featured in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed book. We’ve also been in over 25 media articles, including over 10 dog magazines. We usually have a foster brother or sister as we’ve had over 20 rescues in the last few years from Cavalier Rescue USA. You can check their site for available rescues.