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Thank you for helping us to ensure justice for Cookie. Please share this post and read on to learn how your help is still needed. The boy (10 years old, not 11) has been charged with delinquent conduct animal cruelty torture, a state jail felony in TX. He is, of course, unlikely to serve time. The detective said he might be the youngest person ever charged with this crime in Texas.

We are convinced that the media coverage and the flood of calls to the police department you created by sharing the story on social media sped the process of the investigation.

Now we need your help to make sure the Tarrant County District Attorney's office prosecutes to the fullest extent of the law. Please send a letter, and email, and call the District Attorney and Child Protective Services (CPS) to the contact info shown below.

Please leave your email address at http://www.SpoiledCavaliers.com/JusticeForCookie and we will e-mail you updates, and let you know when we need immediate support in the event of a hearing on the matter.

The boy attends Bryson Elementary in Saginaw/North Ft Worth and obviously needs help. Please do not post derogatory or threatening comments about the boy or his family.

Jennifer appreciates the offers to start a gofundme or a petition site, but she isn't looking for money and believes the personalized campaign has worked well thus far. She says what you have done to get media attention and share Cookie's storyis working to getjustice for Cookie andto help the boy be accountable and get help. CavalierRescueUsa.org has offered to help Jennifer get another dog, that's where Cookie came from, and she asks that any donations be made to them at their web page in memory of Cookie and building awareness about animal cruelty.

More about the incident:An additional witness saw the boy taunting the dogs and chasing Cookie. The child told the investigator he was "angry" and continued to hit Cookie. The report of the investigator who did a necropsy on Cookie showed that Cookie's skull was broken, his spine was severed, and his body showed evidence of multiple blows. The boy's family delivered a note of apology to Jennifer, which could have been a positive step. However, the note was painful to read, did not accept responsibility, and probably was written by an attorney. Jennifer hopes that the boy's parents will eventually realize what their son did and recognize that supporting his lies and defending him is neither right nor in his long-term interest. You can read the latest news report here and here.

Jennifer is grateful for all of the kind words and condolences. She has asked that all inquiries for her go to her friend Rodney at rodneyr@rdsinvestments.com, 817-320-7628.

PLEASE share this post. Last week's posts had over 70,000 views. Justice for Cookie depends on telling his story. Don't let up.

Contact info: (please mark your calendar and call and/or email each week for updates if you can)

DA Riley Shaw
401 W Belknap St
Ft Worth, TX 76196

Child Protective Services
6743 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX
(817) 989-3000

CPS hotline 1-800-252-5400
State office 512-438-4800
Office of consumer affairs 1-800-720-7777 (this number is for inquiries or complaints)

You can report online at https://www.txabusehotline.org

701 W 51st.
Austin, TX 78751