The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Ears a Floppin’ in the Wind!

We love to go bye-bye, and daddy lets us grab some air after he ties back our leashes. He says if we jump out we could get squished or hurt real bad. Cute video grabbin’ some air. You can view the video here on youtube.

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Tucker and Cissy New Rescues

You can view the video of us on Youtube. Tucker and Cissy (new names)were picked up at the Cleburne Shelter yesterday after they emailed rescue. Apparently they were running lose, so animal control picked them up. They contacted the owner, who said he didn’t want them back. They are real sweet, seem to be in […]

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Dixie’s 3 Year Birthday! View her Video on YouTube

Dixie had a big birthday, with cake from Three Dog Bakery, you can see her video at She will post more pictures in coming days!

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