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Bentleys in Trouble Again! Stealing Daddys Pants!

Bentley likes ANYTHING that daddy has touched. He especially likes expensive electronic devices, like Bluetooth ear pieces, or sunglasses. He prefers sunglasses that cost more than $200, like Chrome Hearts or Tag Heuer. He can chew stiff like that up pretty quick. This morning, daddy caught Bentley dragging daddy’s jeans he had gotten out to wear and left laying in the bathroom . While daddy was in the shower, Bentley pulled them down and was dragging them into the bedroom. He prefers, really, like lance, to take things into the back yard so the sprinklers can run on them, if he can get them through the doggy door. Lance specializes in remote controls, daddy buys them 3 at a time wholesale, cause they aren’t much good chewed up then laying in the grass with the sprinklers running. Here’s the pictures of Bentley in the act of stealing daddy’s jeans. The dark floor is the bathroom, the wood floor is the bedroom. he almost got away.

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