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Two New Rescues! Missy and Skid

Two New Rescues!

Missy is a 6 year old Ruby. She has obviously been spoiled her whole life, which she spent in one home with "Skid" her best buddy and friend. She minds perfectly, weighs 9 lbs dripping wet, looks like a puppy, but is very sweet and mild mannered. Doesn’t beg and isn’t needy, but is ready to cuddle when you are. She sits nicely and has perfect potty habits. Vet records from early age, her owners gave her and Skid up as they had to move to China.
Skid is a 7 year old Blenheim, weights 19 lbs, and is just as perfect. He is potty trains and sits too, though he is a bit hard of hearing. His ears have been trimmed very short due to the hair being matted, but are already growing back. Also has vet records from an early age.
Their prior owner had trimmed them at home, and their coat needs to be allowed to grow out, as the grooming wasn’t needed or a good job. Both dogs have their tails in their air, loving life. We would like to keep them together. Their current foster reports that they do everything together, they sleep together, play together, and are constantly together, and that they are so pleasant and non intrusive. Both dogs are crate trained, and go right in at night when its nighty night time. Neither dog is a barker.
Dixie Lance and Willie love playing with them, but, well, daddy s says 5 dogs at work are too much, so lets find them a forever home and go save more he says.
They need to be loved! visit the rescue site and fill out an application please.
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  • dogpawse on September 6, 2009

    Oh, they are stunning. I’ll network this page and refer to the rescue website.

  • Audra Brown on October 16, 2009

    I have submitted an application to be considered to adopt Missy. I have instantly fallen in love with her, and I felt an instant connection with her. If there is any way that you could put in a recommendation for me I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have. Thank you again.

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