The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Greetings from Mexico!

IMG_0164Hi Everyone—I’m in Cancun with my mommy. She made me stay in a box under the seat on the plane! I have been wearing my lifejacket and swimming in the ocean and going for long walks down luxury avenue. Mommy says I’m spoiled, but I say pooh-pooh. I’m not really spoiled until she buys me that Louis Vuitton carrier. Somebody talk to her!


Tracie Laliberte Bailey, Ph.D. ABD has extensive knowledge and thirty-two years of love and experience in the professional field of dogs. A former breeder, trainer, exhibitor of show dogs, winner of Best Junior Handler at Westminster Kennel Club and Crufts Dog Show, she is currently working on a Doctorate of Philosophy about "dogs" at Salve Regina University. "I'm examining the human side of our relationship with the domesticated dog," she explains, "most people don't make the connection that Rover is actually a human-constructed technology which also offers an array of physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits." Tracie has instructed classes in Canine Communication, Holistic Approaches to the bond, and basic dog care with the Newport Learning Connection, Providence Learning Connection, and The Boston Learning Society. In addition, she is an active AKC judge, a speaker for civic and community groups, a former recipient of the Dog Writer's Educational Trust, has written for the AKC Gazette, Fido Friendly magazine and the Journal for the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. She is currently a dog columnist for the Sun Chronicle newspaper, Her column “Dog Pawse” was awarded the Arthur F. Jones award for excellence by the Association of Purebred Dog Writers in 2007. Tracie is still active in her family's full-service kennel and in addition to her professional writing, she works as an adjunct Professor at Rhode Island College and Fisher College.

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  • Cavalier Daddy on August 31, 2009

    i bet she would settle for a juicy couture carrier.

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