The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Report From Dec 5, 2007

Our trip to see Santa, and our first escalator ride.Report from the babies, Dixie (Brown and white female)and Willie (tri color male). Please forward to other dog lovers

Daddy took us to see Santa last night, it was very fun.


Willie says we need new “stuff”, so he got on line, and found out that Santa had a puppy dog night at the Parks Mall in Arlington. He is such a smarty pants. His eyes are bad, and he types real slow, but he manages.


There he is! We’ve seen pictures of him before, but we now know he exists. Dixie told me he was real, ’cause he brought us bones last year, but I didn’t believe it. I saw a show on TV that says daddy really gets the bones. This is pretty exciting, but we are on the upper level, and daddy says we have to go down a moving stair to get to him. It looks scary!


This thing is REAL scary. Daddy is holding us real close, so it doesn’t grab us. This thing is a monster!


Ooooohhh. this is pretty cool, but still scary . Daddy checked but the elevator is not close by, and he said he is afraid if we walk through the mall, Willie will embarrass us by tooting or something. .


Daddy says this is the trickiest part, getting off, but it went pretty smooth.


There is a long line, and there are other puppy dogs here, so its pretty exciting. There are babies too, Daddy says they are a bigger pain in the butt than us.


Daddy says this is the money shot. Willie is real a’scared, but I ain’t. I told Santa I wanted a new bed, more bones, and we both want some real nice coats for Christmas. Daddy says I am dreaming, our budget is very small this year, unless some of folks reading this send extra money. Willie couldn’t talk, but I told Santa he wanted a coat also, and that Santa could give me Willie’s bones, and I would see to it that Willie got them. NOT


We’re pretty tuckered out by now, but that was fun. Daddy let us sit down in the mall and rest, we don’t get here often. Well, actually, Daddy likes going to the mall, but we have never been.


We went in Sears for another Kodak moment. We think this whole Kodak thing is way overblown, we would just as soon stay home, chase squirrels, eat bugs, and Willie sleeps, and toots. But we do go everywhere with daddy, and he goes to some cool places.


We slept on the way home. We were both tuckered out.You can send bone money to us, you know we still have our own door address. It’s pretty tough out here, we really need to be rescued Dixie says.

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  • Josh on December 17, 2007

    They are so cute, they really are spoiled.

  • Patty on December 18, 2007

    They are really cute and so adorable!!!

  • Marissa on December 18, 2007

    TOO CUTE!!!

  • Chanel on December 24, 2007

    They are the cutest!!!!

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