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Extra Report! Dec. 14, 2007

This is an EXTRA report from the puppies, but we wanted to let you know we have a foster brother (Rylie), and also, since it’s Christmas we knew you would want our address, to send us bones. We tried to get a registry account at Petco, but since they don’t have one, daddy told us to get one at Nieman Marcus, its under Dixie, or Willie. Willie likes gold things, but I like silver or pewter.

We’ve taught Riley to type, so he will do most of the report today.

My name is Riley. I am Dixie and Willie’s foster brother. I am about 11 months old, and should be going to a new home soon. I ate some staples (that was dumb wasn’t it?), then had surgery on my tummy to get the staples out, so now I have staples in my belly for 2 weeks. I am doing fine, but you can send bones. (screw the get well cards, send bones)
My step daddy says I have a pretty face.
I’ve only been here one night, but I like sitting real close to my foster daddy.
He says I stink, cause I need a bath, cause I havent been able to get one with my surgery and all. But if you send me bones, I will feel better. Daddy says I sure am sweet, with a real sweet personality
I love to fetch, I can sit, and I am potty trained pretty well.
My real parents got a divorce, and my daddy didn’t want me,and my mom couldn’t afford me cause I needed attention and surgery.
Willie and Dixie let me stay on the couch with them, that’s me closest to the front.
I rode to work, I like the car. Are we to the office yet? That’s me on the floor.
Daddy says its almost time for breakfast, so we are watching real close for him to open the food canister. I weight about 5 lbs to much, and Dixie and Willie said I am gonna have to eat diet dog food. My old mommy and daddy left food down for me all the time, and that wasn’t good. That’s me on the right, with the blue collar.

I have several people interested in me, in fact I might get to interview some potential parents this weekend, but you can contact my foster daddy by email if you want to see about my status. Remember, you can find out more about us, especially Dixie and Willie, at their blog,, which should be up any day now. They post all of their old reports there.

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  • Patty on December 28, 2007

    Sure are some sweet puppies!!! Hope you guys had a great christmas

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