The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Report from November 15

Daddy took us to Petco. It was pretty exciting, EXCEPT only 3 of you slugs sent money last month, so now daddy has put us on a bone budget. It’s Christmas, so you need to be more generous.
Willy says Daddy’s laptop is the bane of our existence. Please email Daddy and tell him to stop working all the time, especially at home, so we can play more with him.
Willy is really a contortionist. He lays in the strangest positions. I think I want a brother that is normal.
I usually just get up on Daddy’s couch in his office, and rearrange things to suit me.
Daddy!!! This is embarrassing, that Mitsubishi is out running us!! Floor IT!
We caught another mousie. Daddy gets traps that catch them alive, but then he won’t let us play with them! This one got too close to our food, so he had to go!
No, we arent in Jail. Daddy took us to HBank for the Dog Days event. The President, Mr. Cummins, took us in the safe to show us the money. Daddy says he is pretty nice, as far as bankers go. Daddy says some bankers are mean bastards, like lawyers, but we think they are nice.
Daddy said you would want to see the money close up. This would buy a lot of bones. When we went to Frost bank, Mr. Alcorn showed us hundreds, but here all they had was tens. (but it IS a smaller bank)
Daddy buys us little bitty bones, but we can still carry them around. Sometimes it makes our asses tip up in the air though, kind of like an overloaded truck. Daddy says we are silly.
Daddy, I am waiting, can’t you come play?

Please Forward this on to your dog loving friends, so we can be rescued. And Daddy says you can send donations to the bone fund.

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