The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Cody Our New Foster Brother-Ready for Adoption

Meet Cody our new foster brother. One of the pictures is daddy picking him up from another foster. Her license plate is "Cavlyr". cute. Anyway, Cody is 14lbs of love, he is so cute and so sweet. We were concerned that he might not be house broken but he hasn’t had an accident yet, in 4 days. But daddy always says that’s because we have a doggie door and go out a lot. Cody uses the doggie door a lot. Cody may not be a full blooded Cavalier. Usually Rescue wont take a dog unless its for sure full blooded, and his face looks Cavalier, but his body doesn’t just look just like a Cavalier, plus he’s pretty much solid black (no solid black Cavaliers), though he has the cutest little white spots on his feet and belly. He got a scrub with the rest of us Friday, and the groomer thinks that maye his great uncle was a Pomeranian And his Grandma might have been Cocker Spaniel. He is so loving and playful, at 5 years old, and hes had a full Vet workup, shots, etc. His adoption fee is only $150 though because he has a grade 5 heart murmur. Dogs can live a long time with heart murmur, but he likely will need checkup sand some meds for his whole life. He has the cutest little tail too. You can find out more about adopting him by visiting the rescue site, and submitting an application. He would love to meet you, and put on his best suit to impress you, so you will take him home and give him the perfect home he deserves, while he loves on you. Double click the images to see him full size!


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    he is adorable.

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