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Bella Needs Help

Bella needs help! visit this link to learn more about Bella and/or make a donation


Donations Needed! Bella in Texas

Meet Bella, a 12 week old ruby Cavalier that needs your help! Bella was purchased at a pet store by unsuspecting owners who did not know pet store dogs come from puppy mills. It didn’t take long for Bella to become very, very sick, coughing (more like hacking), runny nose, acting very lethargic–the opposite of how a young puppy should act. Once they realized that Bella was going to need quite significant vet care to survive, something this young family couldn’t afford, they surrendered her to rescue.

Bella was picked up by Cavalier Rescue USA and for the first 48 hours, spent the night in the emergency vet, was hospitalized in isolation ICU at the regular vet, and had a very expensive echo-cardiogram, as well as other exams and tests. The vet suspects Bella has a severe bronchial trachial infection accompanied by another bacterial infection, but they are not ready to completely rule out distemper.

She is currently on an IV receiving fluids, glucose and antibiotics. In addition, her tiny belly is full of parasites, so she is on other medicines for that. Luckily, her heart has checked out okay but it is still going to be a long road to recovery for sweet Bella. She will need to stay in isolation at the vet until her main symptoms are gone and we know she is well on the road to recovery.

Please help with Bella’s care and help this little girl in her fight for life so she can grow up to be a happy, healthy, active Cavalier! To contribute, please click on the Donate button below or mail a check to rescue Treasurer Sandi Prince at 3 John Todd Way, Redding, CT 06896.

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