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New Rescue Arthur

This is Arthur our newest foster. He’s 4 years old, sweet as can be. He is housebroken too. I can only say two negative things about him. He’s WAY overweight. and he Snores real loud. Its ok, Dixie says, all men snore. We think after he loses some weight he wont snore. His past mommy got old and had dementia, and couldn’t feed him correctly or even track what or when he was being fed. She is to be commended for recognizing that her companion was best with rescue. Arthur weighs in at 36 lbs (average weight for a Cavalier is 14-17 lbs), close to the largest I have ever seen. He is beginning a rigorous exercise regimen today (daddy hired a dog walker, you didn’t really think Daddy was going to do all that exercise did you?) He is eating O.M. (Overweight Management dog food by Purina, from the vet’s office). Dixie and Willie eat OM, and mange their figures quite nicely. Daddy says he needs a bath too, he has a LOT of nice hair. You can see other rescues at the National rescue site, or go there to fill out an application to adopt Arthur.

012510 004 That’s Arthur on the right

012510 003 double click to blow up the picture, 36 pounds

012510 007 012510 009

012510 008

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  • Kristy on January 25, 2010

    Arthur looks HUGE compared to little Lance!

  • Pam B. in CT on January 26, 2010

    Arthur is a gorgeous boy! From the pictures he seems to be longer and his ideal weight is probably in the 22-24 lb. range. It won’t take him long to lose weight with the right amount of food and exercise!

  • TJay on January 27, 2010

    How wonderful that you rescue, I have a TRI boy who is 2 named Walnut and a 12 days ago we just adopted a BLE boy who is 3 named Widget. His owner passed away and when he came to the pound he was matted, stinky, and just needed lots of attention. I could not believe that a King Cav was at the pound and was there the second they opened, he is an amazing addition to our family. Yay for you for opening your home and giving the love.

  • Melissa O on January 27, 2010

    Arthur is beautiful! Keep him mov’in, he’ll be fit in no time!

  • beth on January 29, 2010

    well, our group has “what about Bob” and he is a largerer cavie that is bigger than Arthur is. Long and taller and no one knows how he ended up being so BIG!

  • Kitty on February 5, 2010

    Love Arthur

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