The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Our Dog Walker Linda

Daddy got us a dog walker, cause he says he wants us to get outside more during the day when we are at work with him. Willie says its because Dixie’s ass is too big, and Lance said he doesn’t care why, he just wants to GO! Actually daddy hired the lady, Linda Bearce, because […]

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New Rescue Arthur

This is Arthur our newest foster. He’s 4 years old, sweet as can be. He is housebroken too. I can only say two negative things about him. He’s WAY overweight. and he Snores real loud. Its ok, Dixie says, all men snore. We think after he loses some weight he wont snore. His past mommy […]

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Purina O.M. Helps us keep our figure!

Daddy has us eat Purina O.MĀ its kind of a diet food. O.M. stands for overweight management. We are real healthy, and he weighs us every month to make sure we don’t get fat. We haven’t gained any weight in over a year! He uses the pellets for treats to, but he thinks we don’t know […]

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