The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Waiting To Get Out Of The Car

Daddy takes us everywhere, so we are trained for the car. Willie and Dixie have driver’s licenses, you can find pictures of them here in the blog, they hang on their collar. But daddy says they cant drive yet cause they need more training in fast cars. We are also trained to only enter or exit on the passenger side, and not get in the drivers seat until we can drive. Daddy says that’s better and safer for us. Also, we cant get out until he says GO. Sometimes we have trouble waiting. Here we are, waiting while daddy takes more darn pictures. When he says go we can get out, he holds our leashes first. We love pleasing daddy cause he takes good care of us. We are in the Audi R8 here, daddy has it puppy proofed cause he says we are messy and he doesn’t want us to scratch things. You can see the clear plastic on the dash and door panel, and the cover on the seat.

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