The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Report from August 10

Daddy has agreed to let us sending you updates, its 4 weeks since the last one. He says he is too busy (he pushes the keys, cause we cant spell yet, but we choose the pictures).

Daddy please hurry with the doughnuts. We only get doughnuts on Wednesdays, because he says all 3 of us need to watch our figures.
Daddy, why do we give that lady money at McDonalds every morning? Cant we save the money, and go to Petco?
This car has a top that goes down in the back. We like to watch it, cause we’ve never seen anything like that, and it’s kinda scary, cause it makes all kinds of clacking and whirring noises.
We wait for daddy to get ready every morning, usually it’s still dark, so we just stay night night.
Please talk to him about this damn scale thing. He makes us weight every month. This month I weighed exactly the same, but Dixie’s has gained a whole pound!! Daddy says he is worried about her, and thinks the doughnuts are giving her instant ass.
Dixie sucks up to daddy too much I think, but I think she just wants more doughnuts.
My favorite is sugar frosted flakes. Daddy lets us drink the milk after he gets the good stuff. It’s not right.
Daddy says I have a pretty face. He thinks I should be a model.
We get a bath at work every Friday. Daddy says it’s important that we not stink, cause he has important people come to the office. He also has lawyers and bankers come there. (notice the also, he thinks its pretty funny unless you are a lawyer and banker) Daddy says he wanted to be a lawyer, but he hated school, and he realizes now that don’t make enough money anyway, the junkyard business is better, cause he doesn’t have to know very much.
We’ll help you watch for the cops daddy. He says we are a pain in the ass cause we jump on the dash. Doesn’t he know that we are dogs? He covers the dash with tape and leather, cause he says if we scratch the dash he is trading us for weenie dogs with short legs that cant jump on the dash. I think if Dixie’s ass gets any bigger she won’t be able to jump there anyway. Please tell daddy that he should give me Dixie’s treats, so she can get her girlish figure back.
The lady at McDonalds loves to see us every morning. You can see the puppy proofing on the door panel and dash.
daddy. are you going to share? Daddy doesn’t eat bread, so we get that, but he makes us share with the birds at the office every morning. That really sucks, don’t you think? But what really sucks is that he gets the sausage and the egg. Please type him and tell him to share that with us too.
I brought it to you, just like always, are you gonna throw it daddy?
Daddy is to busy with his iphone taking pictures, tell him he needs to throw it as soon as I bring it.
Dont tease me
Willy just sleeps all the time. Its a miracle he doesn’t have a big ass too. He likes to lay right beside daddy, especially if its thundering or lightning.
Daddy says this is his Marlborough Man look. His friend Adam Hicks took this picture. It’s a hood picture daddy says, cause you cant see Dixie’s big ass.
When daddy converted to the iphone he had to convert all his Palm data to Outlook. Another book to read, he reads to much. Type him and tell him he should take us to Petco more often, and to the park, plus he should play fetch more.
Willy thinks he is a big cheese. Please don’t tell him that this is just a customer’s chair.

Overall everything is doing good, except we need more doughnuts. Daddy says if every body that gets this email would send us $10 each,  we can go to Petco more, and get doughnuts. I guess things are a little better than last month, but its pretty miserable here really.

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