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King Charles Puppies

Take my advice and as soon as you are done reading this, Google “King Charles puppies” and look at the images.  Your heart will melt away and you will be “aww-ing” the hours away.  Cavalier spaniel puppies are arguably the cutest and adorable animal you could lay your eyes on.  And the best part, it’s that they know just how cute they are and they love to show it off.

Lance, Willie, and Dixie love playing with other Cavalier King Charles puppies.  As they should, because they are so young at heart they think they are still puppies.  A King Charles Spaniel puppy will endear and charm even the most bitter person.  It is impossible not to smile when a Cavalier King Charles puppy is around.

The toy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel enjoyed unparalleled popularity during the King Charles dynasty.  The King Charles puppy was so loved and enamored by Charles II that the King himself tended more to his dogs than he did to matters of state.  The King bestowed upon the breed the royal title of King Charles Spaniel.  A law was created, and is even still in place today, which allows King Charles Spaniel puppies and dogs to be allowed in all public places, even the Houses of Parliament.

See for yourself just why a teacup Cavalier captivated the King of England so much it was considered royalty.  There are plenty of King Charles Spaniel pictures on the website, and you can tell just how special this elite breed of dog thinks it is.