The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Harry Our New Rescue

Ok, time to spread the word about our new rescue. Harry’s parents didn’t want him anymore. He is very sweet. He has been checked out, harry is terribly overweight, and may have thyroid issues, which is causing him to loose some hair on his rear body and tail. We think his problem may be as simple as losing some weight though. The thyroid test was inconclusive, but the vet wants him on a serious diet. He weights 35 pounds, which is the largest Cavalier I have ever seen. Look at that sweet face! He gets along great with the other dogs, and the cat, even at eating times. He is fully house broken and uses the doggie door (though he can just barely get through it. He can go a new home only with a strong commitment to continuing the diet. His target weight is 25 pounds, but the vet will guide us as we trim him up. He exhibits no bad habits, but loves to cuddle. Please visit the Cavalier rescue site to learn more about him and other rescues available. Also, watch the blog here, use his name in the search field to find other posts about him, with more pictures and or video. Also, you can visit their Facebook page to see learn more, just look for Spoiled Cavaliers on Facebook 



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  • carol pusch on February 9, 2013

    HUGS to all the rescue dogs! If I had a place BIG enough, I would take and love every homeless, helpless and rescue canine 🙂

  • Susan on February 9, 2013

    He is a beautiful boy. Thanks to you (and your babies) for continuing to take in these fosters and help them transition to their forever homes.

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