The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

We Have Manners

Daddy says manners are important. For instance, we never get out of the car until daddy says GO! This keeps us from getting squished by trucks daddy says, and allows daddy to be ready for us to go. Sometimes he holds are leashes, actually most of the time. Here we are waiting and practicing, we wont get out of the car until daddy says GO, and only then on the passenger side of the car. He wont let us drive yet.


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  • Ann blalock on November 2, 2012

    I do the same thing with my Archie……..except I tell him, “Wait,” and then, “OK.” We practice, but he still can’t be trusted if he sees a squirrel, a cat or another doggie. We always hold his leash.

  • Chuck Dennis on November 3, 2012

    Well I think that if we had a car like that none of us humans or furkids would get out of it! LOL

  • Chuck Dennis on November 3, 2012

    Well, I think that if we had a car like that there would be no desire to get out of it! humans, or furkids. LOL

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