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Mad people trying to adopt dogs yesterday

there were many mad people at the shelter yesterday, but there always be, they thought that because they were first in line they would be first to get a dog. Shelter employees and others never told me that such info was given to anyone by anyone. Prospective applicants just "assumed" it was like an iPhone intro i suppose.

I had a call at home last night from one such angry person, when i explained what they would have gotten, they calmed down, and i made them aware the process was designed to be the best for the dogs, not the people. I was candid, as always. Many of the prospective parents no doubt wanted to help a dog, but many were likely looking for a bargain. And anyone that thought showing up early should increase their chances of getting a dog likely hadn’t considered the reality that process was intended to be the best for the dogs, and YES, there might actually be applicants more qualified than them. Time of show up to get in line was not a criteria for choosing the best parent. I introduced my current foster, and they immediately went to the site and filled out an application. the adoption fee with cavalier rescue was less than the costs to be endured by one of the shelter dogs, and the parents get to meet the dog and know everything about it.

I think the shelter could have been more organized and handled it better, standardizing info given out, having a published process, etc. etc., but that’s the organized business side of me thinking out loud, and many of these people were overworked and had no experience in such matters, or experience with such a huge group of applicants. On balance, i think they did the best they could have been expected to do, and I have no doubt they were trying to do what they though in their heart was right for the dogs.

following are pictures of the event.





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  • Lisa Falchetti on October 8, 2012

    Kathy and Ron, I have a Cavalier and am in love with the breed. I am also very aware of the inherent conditions affecting Cavaliers. It is a pleasure to know that as well as a lovely breed that there are great people who love them, offer their time to help the, and help them get good homes. You both give me faith in humanity! Just wanted to say thank you. I hope someday that I can meet you. You guys helped everyone keep aware of the situation and more importantly were there for the four legged kids. Thank you both. Lisa

  • Karen on October 8, 2012

    Kathy and Ron,
    I agree with all that Lisa above said. We are owners of two adopted Cavaliers that we got via Cavalier Rescue here in Southern California. Abby (is 10 now, was 5 when we adopted her) and Gracie (just two, have had her for 6 months) are our darlings and we can’t imagine our lives without them. People like you who bring these sweet babies to loving homes are angels, there’s just no more apt word for who you are and what you do. God bless you a million times over.

  • Christine Snyder on October 9, 2012

    Thank you Ron, and thanks to all who volunteered to help these dogs. It’s horrid that they were dumped on a road at night, but at least they’re out of the probable mill and have a chance at a better life now. I have 3 rescued Cavaliers, and one came from the Waco mill several years ago (in my lap right now). These dogs will require patience and understanding, and good training as they adjust to life outside a cage. The HS is doing the right thing for these dogs by carefully screening all applicants. I hope every one of them will have a wonderful, loving home that also understands the medical needs of this sweet breed.

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