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Cavaliers Dumped in Denton County

an email from Rescue

I apologize that Kathi Sturgeon has not been able to be able to give you more updates during the day but things have been rather warp speed.

Here’s what the situation is at this time:

Cavalier Rescue was notified Wednesday afternoon from a North TX shelter of an incident in two small North TX towns. The first night, someone drove into town in the late hours and released 51 Maltese dogs in sad and horrible condition. The following night, someone drove into the town of Sanger and let lose 39 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and one Cocker Spaniel. Local authorities from these communities rounded up the animals and took them to local shelters. With these large numbers, some of the smaller city shelters were overloaded and transferred dogs to the Fort Worth Humane Society.

The 39 Cavaliers are at the Fort Worth Humane Society. They are all filthy, matted and have been told that some have dry-eye syndrome and eye injuries. Cavalier Rescue immediately offered our help and services. Because of the national publicity on these incidents, the Ft. Worth Humane Society has received over 500 applications to adopt the Cavaliers. Adoptions will proceed on Sunday starting at 12 Noon.

Cavalier Rescue and NTX CKCSC members will have volunteers at the shelter starting early tomorrow morning to help bathe all the dogs (Cavaliers and any other dog needing a bath and grooming) and a groomer has offered to donate her services to give all these dogs badly needed nail trims. We also anticipate that our North TX volunteers may be able to be available at the shelter on Adoption Day to answer any questions about health issues, training, etc. It is also possible that Cavalier Rescue or other Cavalier rescue groups may take possession of a few of the Cavaliers with more serious health issues. We have been assured by the shelter that all dogs will be spayed/neutered before leaving the shelter.

There is a reward of $500 for any information pertaining to the person(s) who released these dogs.

While Cavalier Rescue would like to have taken possession of all of the Cavaliers, the shelter has legal possession of the dogs and we will provide whatever help they need to help these dogs. We do what we can………..for as many as we can………….to the best of our abilities.

Kathi Sturgeon, our TX Rescue Coordinator, and I have been buried in emails, phone calls and offers to help/adopt from all over the US which is heartwarming but has taken up a great deal of our time in between communicating with the shelter and coordinating volunteers. Please understand that we are responding to all emails as time permits but the Cavaliers and their outcome are our first priority.

1840 E. Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76103

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