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Daddy Needs Doghouse Ideas

Daddy has promised us, since he collects so much crap, that he would get us new doghouses this year. OH.. but not just any doghouses, Daddy wants to make us dog houses out of things that weren’t intended to be dog houses. He’s a pretty crazy guy. So he’s thinking pretty crazy stuff. He wants to "re-purpose" items into dog houses or beds.

We already have some pretty unique dog houses. Anyway, he wants ideas from people, or actual items that daddy can buy (or that you can give him so we have more bone money). Here are some ideas or actual ones we have.

HowdahThis is a Howdah. Daddy bought it on Ebay. Its about 100 years old. Howdahs were and still are used up on the back of an elephant (or camel, in the middle east) to carry people. In India, they were used to carry children that were being married or given away, at an early age, like 11 years old. Willie says he got married when he was 12 dog years old, but then got it annulled because she was too much of a bitch, and wouldn’t even cook him dinner. But hes full of crap.

013011 108Now this one is crazy, daddy just saw it and is thinking about it. Its an antique hot water/boiler. Daddy says he is gonna cut a hole in one side, and make us a nice door. Dixie thinks it’s perfect, since Lance stays in hot water most of the time anyway.

Anyway, if ou have any ideas, please email daddy here- rons at rdsinvestments dot com. He writes it in code ’cause he says he already gets too much spam.

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