The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Fosters Needed

FOSTERS NEEDED (not permanent parents)
this is a very fulfilling job. the hardest part is letting them go, though I don’t struggle with it, i just tell folks that I have to let one go so I can save another one.
Well, there are simply too many Cavaliers in the system right now, it is overloaded. I have 6 myself, and like to stay at 4. Normally the rescue group has more applicants than dogs, and although there are still plenty of applicants, there has been a rush of dogs, and some are waiting to be released as ready for adoption. The rescue org is a totally non profit, volunteer basis. They dont allow a dog to be adopted permanently until its health has been assessed, and in most cases, some sort of treatments are needed, which can last from a few weeks to a few months or longer. Also, they don’t consider allowing an adoption until the dogs personality and or issues can be identified. It takes a few days for dogs to just start eating (remember, many have been dumped, abused, in a shelter, etc) and after they are eating a few more weeks to see if there are aggression or other issues. There are so many little quirks:
  1. they dont usually eat for 1-4 days
  2. my observations, at least, indicate, are you ready, they wont go through a door or framed opening for 2-30 days. They have a fear of passing into another area where it might not be safe.
  3. They have phobias, or do weird things. I have one that eats his poop. (we picked up a script yesterday, for all my babies, that makes their poop taste so bad that the one wont eat theirs or his own)
  4. They may need housebreaking (actually, i have had very few that weren’t mostly housebroken)
  5. People want the prettiest, young, well marked dogs, so older dogs or dogs with issues can be hard to place
  6. there is a dog in the system now that been in the system over year. unbelievably handsome and sweet, but WILL NOT let you pick him up or pet him. Once you get him in your arms he’s a puddin face.
DONT LET THIS SCARE YOU AWAY. the overwhelming majority of the dogs are so sweet, very few if any personality issues, though usually some medical issues, but that can be as simple as getting rid of fleas. Keep in mind i had 11 rescues in 2009, and have had 12 so far this year, so i see more than most fosters. Dogs usually need a foster for 4-12 weeks. If you are fostering and a problem arises, a different foster can usually be found, though the work has to be shared.
Anyway, there are too many dogs, especially in DFW, and a shortage of fosters, as most folks don’t want more than one at a time, and there are about 30 dogs in the system right now in this zone.
Can you help, or know someone that can?
What’s required? A safe place for the pet (a home inspection is required). MUST have a fenced backyard. In rare cases, a foster can have an apartment or condo if they are there with the dog most of the time. You must be able to take the dog to the vet, though the Cavalier rescue organization pays the bills. Please visit the rescue site at for more info. You can have other pets of course.
please call Kathi Sturgeon 817-358-9951 or email me if you are interested, and i will forward your email to her.

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