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Update On Bentley-Heartworm Treatment

We thought we might lose him. Bentley went in for his second heartworm treatment Monday, was supposed to be there a day or two, but he didn’t react well, so they kept him until today at 4pm. And he is still very weak. Let me see if I can explain it from what I know. The worms get in their heart because they havent been getting heartworm prevention treatment. In order to kill the heartworms, they have to give him injections, something that kills the heartworms, which takes 2 treatments. I suppose those injections are some type of poison, but the dogs can get sick, or even die. Then, after they die, the heartworms break up, and the pieces get absorbed or filtered out of the blood. BUT, the dead pieces can move, like a clot, and cause issues in the heart or lungs. Anyway, he is very weak, but I guess the worms are gone, I think they check in a few weeks, In the meantime, he cant have any strenuous activity that causes his heart rate to increase, as the pieces can then cause trouble. He is basically penalized to a crate and outside to potty on a leash. Here is my assistant, the baby’s Uncle Rodney, who helps me care for them, hes a big dog lover. Rodney has just picked him up at the vet, and Bentley is very weak, his tail isn’t even wagging. We’ll take good care of him, he should be fine. Damn people that dont take care of their animals, a lot of dogs that come into rescue have heartworms, and of course fleas and ticks.


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  • Tracy F. on July 8, 2010

    God love him! I’m keeping Bentley in my prayers. Two of my dogs were rescues with heart worms and both came through with flying colors. We’ll think good thoughts for Bentley.

  • Barbara Banks on July 8, 2010

    I was really worried when we didn’t hear anything on Tuesday about this precious baby. I know he is in the best hands ever and Nicky and I will continue to keep him in our prayers. Do keep us updated on his condition. Much love to all the babies and the people who take such good care of them.

  • kate on July 9, 2010

    Good luck Bentley. We are rooting for you, precious angel boy. Thank you rescue people for taking care of the lil’ angel’s.

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