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Zoe Is Visiting!

Babies "chilling" on sofa!!! Zoe chewing on bone!!! We are staying with all the Cavaliers while their mommy is on vacation.
Mommy this is Zoe (shhh) I found a chew bone buried in Megan’s toys and chewed until aunt Kathi took it away, she said I was getting it too gushy and was afraid I would choke on it, but I was a good girl and let her have it. Aunt Kathi said we were the sweetest babies she’s ever set with!!!
We’re having a good time Mommies!!!
Mommy I’m (Simon) so glad you told Aunt Kathi to put a pinch of chicken on my food tonight, b/c I refused to eat until she did, ha ha! She even warmed our dinner in the mic, she said it was too cold.
She said we were going to Mickey Dee’s tomorrow, (but said we couldn’t have any french fries) she better keep her promise or I may have to leave her a present on her floor when we get back ha ha!!!! Oh and check out those dumb scarves she put on us, her excuse was she couldn’t tell which one was Simon, she’s so silly all she had to do was check under the hood!!!! Anyway……………………..
Ok Mommies we are going to settle down under our blankies and watch some dumb show on TV now, bye for now, we love you Mommies!!! Say goodnight "Chet"…Goodnight "David" Goodnight Mommies!
Zoe & Simon 1-15-10 007 Zoe & Simon 1-15-10 006

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  • Paula on February 8, 2010

    So glad to see my babies having a great time with all their new Cavalier buddies!

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