The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Its A Baby Shower! Yum! Cake!

well, ok its a long story. Daddy let friends have a baby shower in our house. Its fun, we like having company, plus daddy makes them clean the house real good, so if Willie stinks it goes away. And our 2 Cavalier ruby friends came over, they belong to the Lisers. Daddy worked, he says he’s got all the babies he needs. ANYWAYS.. they had a beautiful cake for the girl that was having a baby soon. She looked kind of fat Lance said, but he’s just a dumb boy. ANYWAYS… they left everything real nice, and left about a third of the leftover cake in the box on the big tall center island. We’ve been trying to figure out how to get up there for years, but haven’t figured out how yet. ANYWAYS.. when daddy came home, he sat on the couch, and read his Wall Streets and other junk, instead of playing with us, like he usually does. Then Lance threw up all over daddy’s lap. Daddy wasn’t very happy, but he’s always sweet. We throw up sometimes, last time it was Willie ’cause he ate a toad’s head. Daddy was not happy. ANYWAYS.. then we headed to bed. Everything was looking pretty good till I threw up twice. Now it wouldn’t have been so bad, EXCEPT, it was blue. BLUE!! That wasn’t too smart, and it made daddy real suspicious. He ran to the kitchen, sure enough the cake box was empty. He figured out our secret, the trash compactor had been left open,and we jumped on that, then up to the counter. Man that cake was so good. But we ate too much. Daddy says we are pigs.

IMG_0294 IMG_0276 IMG_0293 Here is the fat lady

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