The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Daddy Tricked Us!

Daddy Tricked Us! This food bag is empty! But we can lick it for crumbs. Its OM
from Purina, daddy gets it for us at the doggie Dr office. OM stands for
overweight management? Willie says its because Dixie has a big ass, but we know
that’s not true. We weigh every month on the first, and then daddy adjusts our
food or tells everyone at the office to stop giving us treats. This month all of
us were within one tenth of a pound of our weight last month, thank the great
puppy dog for that, so no changes. Daddy doesn’t think we know that the treats
are actually pieces of the OM dog food, but we know and don’t care, ’cause we
know he loves us and wants to keep us good and healthy. That’s especially good
cause Thanksgiving was last week, and we sneaked some tidbits but don’t tell
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