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Cadi Has An Anteater Tongue!

Our friend Cadi has a long tongue! His mommy sent daddy this picture, she says Cavaliers have long tongues. I ask Willie to show me his, but he wouldn’t. Daddy says he isn’t too sure, but he knows we all like peanut butter. We haven’t played with Cadi, we get pictures like this from all over, and daddy says we have a lot of fans out there. Cadi’s mommy is named Kate Potluru. We are researching what country Potluru is from, but Willie thinks it is from India. He says he dated an Indian dog once, he is so full of bull. Anyway, daddy says Cadi is our 3rd cousin, by Uncle Petri, a French Cavalier that invented dog bones. Where does daddy come up with this crap, and he does he think we are dumb or something? Willie says he believes it, cause he heard that a distant relative DID like bones, but I told Willie he is a silly boy, ALL our relatives like bones. He just went back to sleep.

Here is Cadi’s picture.

peanut butter

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  • kate on June 16, 2009

    Willie is so smart, Potluru is an Indian name, from South India. Cadi’s sister Jhansi’s name is Indian too,she is named for a brave Indian princess. Their parents came from Hungary, ( so they aren’t AKC ) the breed from Britain, and their human parents are form America and India, so we are really multicultural. Cadi says she would love some goulash and chips, if she could get it, also since we live in California, she loves avocados too.

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