The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

The Babies Go to Riverbend Bank!

The babies love to go anywhere, but they especially like the banks, cause they usually have treats. Daddy says some of the banks are too cheap to have treats, but Willie says with the new stimulus package, they will be able to afford treats. Dixie says he is just being a smart alec. They met the head bean counter at Riverbend bank, Tommy Walling. Daddy has known Mr Walling for a real long time, like 20 years. thats people years, not dog years. .

tommy walling at riverbend bank Here Mr Walling is watching us while daddy jacks his jaws. But he’s gonna get us some treats, and he always sucks up in the bank anyway, so its ok Dixie says.

dogs at riverbend bankNow this sucks. Daddy got us treats, but he has to make us put on a dog and pony show(daddy always says that but we never see the pony? Here he has put the treats down on the floor, and we have to wait until he says go. but we are happy to get treats.

dixie and willie at riverben bank with tommy walling Daddy insists on getting a detail shot, which makes us wait longer, this really sucks. You can see the treats on the floor. Dixie always drools, Willie gets embarrassed.

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