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Cavaliers and What They Eat

my friend sent this to me when I asked her on behalf of an adoptive parent, what the dogs should eat. Boy, there is a lot of info here. Daddy says he should pass it on

An important thing is WHAT they are eating. Hopefully, not grocery store brands. With the various health issues in this breed, years ago I started researching dog foods. There is a great, independent, dog journal that yearly does reviews of dog foods and give their opinions. They analyze each brand, give them ratings and when permitted, actually visit the sites where the food is made and processed. You can’t access their articles or info online unless you are a member. However, if you ever want a copy of their latest review on dog foods, let me know and I’ll snail mail a copy to you.
I’ve fed my dogs Innova for years with a tsp of canned Wellness Lamb & Rice to put the meds in. Innova also seems to keep down some of the skin allergies.
All that being said, Cavaliers generally do well on a lamb & rice type kibble. Science Diet has some additives I don’t like or recommend.
Since they are young and at their current weights, I would NOT feed more than the 1/3 cup 3 x day. Eventually, I would cut that back to 1/2 cup twice a day. Watch the intake of treats as well as they are generally high in calories and can really add on the pounds. Because I have a food-allergy dog, my dogs only get bits of kibble as a treat and are happy.
Just encourage them to keep the weight in control throughout their lives as it will help keep their hearts healthy!
Let me know if you have more questions.

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