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Dixie Gets Birthday Gifts!

Dixie got some cool stuff for her birthday, including cake, a big rubber chicken squeaky toy, chicken feet(they squeek too!), and a harness/vest.

dscf0154.JPG this is dumb, why do I have to wear this? My mom made me this harness/vest, she makes them for other people also.

dscf0157.JPG These are little squeaky chicken feet. We like them cause they are small and they are real loud.

dscf0162.JPG  Daddy got us this cool rubber chicken, he squeaks too.

dscf0165.JPG Now he is showing us how it squeaks, doesn’t he know that we know that? We want the cake!

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  • Cassie on November 18, 2008

    Hi Dixie and Willie! I (Polly Evans) had a photo shoot with my aunts Bessie (rescue golden) and Bree (golden doodle) at Haynsworth and want to show you one of the pics, but my mommy can’t figure out how to post the picture. We had so much fun and got biscuits for being so good!

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