The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Christmas Gifts for the babies Dec 28, 2007

Dec 30th, Here’s what we got for Christmas.  

Daddy says you can click on any image and see it bigger, though I am not sure why anyone would want to see Dixie any bigger.

Dixie and Willie are a little sad, as their foster brother Rylie found a home and went away, but they got lots of cool stuff, so they are happier now, and ready to foster another brother or sister.


The babies got a Juicy Crittoure Calendar from the Juicy Cotoure store in Las Vegas. This first page of the calendar says “I’ve slept with every dog in Hollywood”, but of course the babies would never do anything like that.


We have the best taste in brands.


Dixie got a LV (Louis Vuitton) coat, Willie’s is Burberry. We think if you click on these thumbnails you can see the full size images


We got this Juicy Crittoure gift set, for the decadent dog. its got a real nice brush, shampoo and conditioner, and a perfume set for Willie cause he stinks sometimes. Daddy keeps them in his office ready for use, in case he gets guests. But he doesn’t waste the perfume if bankers or lawyers come around.


 Daddy said you would want to see this up close, so Willie took one. Daddy’s Apple IPhone is easy to use, cause it doesn’t have any buttons.  

phone-120107-090med.jpgWe got this cool toy chest, it even has our pictures on it, we’re gonna keep our stuff in it, and tell everyone to stay out. Willie cant jump in, but I can, so I get to say what we play with most times, unless daddy gets us a toy.

phone-120107-093med.jpgWe got this cool Adirondack chair too, with water bowls on the arms.

iphone2007_1201_163346aamed.jpgDixie says that Santa came this way, but we’ve waited here, and I don’t think he is coming again, and I am a little suspicious of this Santa thing.

camera-122807-009small.jpgWe gave daddy this cool door mat for his office, in case we aren’t there, people can see what we look like. But we’re there are almost all the time. Please come see us!

camera-122807-001small.jpgMama made us these homemade harness with matching leads. All of our friends are jealous.

camera-122407-003small.jpgWe both thanked daddy for telling Santa what we wanted

camera-122407-002small.jpgWillie is still by the tree, cause he thinks someone is fibbing to him, and some of these leftover gifts are his. He cant read yet. Since he wasn’t sure, he went ahead and “marked” them anyway. (don’t tell the recipients, giggle growl)

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  • Kristy on January 4, 2008

    These poor poor mistreated dogs. It’s so sad to see such neglect. I’m surprised they haven’t run away! Dixie tells me every week how hard her life is and how daddy doesn’t give her enough bones and only gives her the biscuit from McDonald’s and not the sausage and they have to share it!

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