The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Report from October 2

Dixie likes to sleep under Daddy’s desk most of the time, I think she’s pretty lazy, dont you think so?
Now this is why we need your donations, we love to go to Petco. Everyone there loves us, except the small rodents. Daddy makes us stay in the basket, but it’s still a lot of fun, and he takes us at least once monthly.
Daddy is getting donuts. Pretty exciting.
He says we might get some homemade fried chicken, he found this new recipe. We think he is bluffing.
Dixie made a new friend, a sister rescue, her name is Mia. She is mature, but way tiny. Check out daddy’s Loafer, we think he is confused about his age, but we don’t care so long as he keeps taking us to Petco.
The valets like us a lot. here is a valet tag that daddy scanned in, so we could prove to you that they think we are memorable.
Sometimes when we get to work in the morning and it’s dark, daddy props open the front door. But if he goes back outside, it’s a little scary, but we wait and watchdog for him. Willie is a little bit if a woos, he is really a’scared sometimes.
oohhhh.. Daddy says we have some mousies in the office, so we had to catch them, but he didn’t want to kill them, or risk us getting in the traps, so he buys humane traps. These 2 got to close to our food, so something had to be done!
Daddy gets us monster bones, and we love them. We carry them around everywhere, and chew them until they are almost gone!
Daddy is so proud of us, ’cause he trained us to wait until he says “go” to eat or chew on the bones. It’s a little hard for us, but we can do it! If you are really proud of us, you will send some money for our bone fund, Daddy says it is empty.
Our sister Megan is real sad, ‘case she says no one sent Petco money last month. Please send the money to daddy. He says we are not a charitable organization, as outlined in the IRS code (where does he come up with all this technical crap anyway?), but we know after you look at Megan for a moment, you will send money. Daddy says we can take Pay Pal on his account also. Thanks, till next month…

Mistreated.. please send help

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