The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

The Cavaliers on the Treadmill!

Well now we have seen it all! We want to walk outside, but this is the alternative? We now get to use the treadmill? Actually, its pretty fun.  Mia gets some exercise, she is a bundle of energy!   Madison tries it out!

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Cavaliers Love The Treadmill!

They even get on the treadmill together!  Here madison and Mia walk, and Megan waits for her turn!

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The Babies Use Their Treadmill!

The babies love to walk on the treadmill, and it gets them the exercise they need, plus tames their energy!  McKenzie likes it too! McKenzie was way overweight at about 38 pounds, but with O.M doog food and the treadmill she does much better. The average Cavalier is 17 pounds, so she is a GIANT! But she […]

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