The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Cavaliers Everywhere

Now thats a lot of Cavaliers! check out all the Cavaliers in this little video I shot the other night, I didn’t even have mine with me. The 2 “parking” on the coffee table are especially cute. You can view at YOUTUBE if the video dosent appear below. keywords

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Lucas Sucks Up To Daddy

Lucas loves to suck up to daddy. Everybody knows he is a rascal, but he is cute. Lucas is a rescue, visit the national Cavalier rescue organization web site to see about getting a rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Lance sucks up to, how does anyone give a dog to rescue with a face like […]

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Lucas Sleeps and Rides on Daddy’s Chair!

Lucas likes to get up on the base of daddy’s chair. He just sleeps there, and rolls around on the chair though the day. Daddy likes it, cause then he isn’t chewing up daddy’s Tag Hauer sunglasses or other stuff. Lucas came from the Cavalier Rescue Organization .

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