The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Babies & Santa

Well Daddy is behind on posting pictures, as you can see. Willie threatened him with a peefest if he didn’t get to work posting these old pictures, so now he’s moving. TO use his own saying, he is working on our blog in dog years, but he says he has to set priorities and work […]

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Santa Is Coming

Santa Is Coming! Daddy says we have to be extra good so Santa will come to see us. We told him that he cant eat Santa’s cookies and milk, or pee on his boot. Santa always brings us good treats.

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We Go To See Santa!

Daddy took us to see Santa. Daddy says its important to see Santa at Christmas, ’cause he can bring us cool gifts. It was fun, but Willie isn’t gonna get any gifts I fear, ’casue he peed on Santa’s boot. Santa acted like he didn’t care, but I saw him write something in a log […]

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