The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Now Dixie Wants on the Cover

ok, Willie is pissed now. He says he is prettier than this mutt and should have been on the cover, and can take better care of the bunny. He likes to flirt, as you know, and says he can handle the ladies better than anyone. He says they are mush in his paws, they swoon […]

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Willie Gets Caught AGAIN Reading Girlie Magazine!

Willie Gets caught AGAIN, reading girlie magazines. Daddy caught him last month reading Cosmopolitan, and thought he might be perv. Dixie says he is just a pig, all males are pigs she says. Well, this time it was worse, ’cause daddy caught him red handed (er, paw’ed) with a Playboy! Daddy said it was disgusting. […]

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