The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

We Make a Friend-Patron!

Now daddy doesn’t drink, but he says a lot of people like Patron. We aren’t sure what he means, But anyway, this is Patron, he is Mr Greg Morse’s baby. Patron goes everywhere with Mr Morse. He’s a little bitty thing. Mr Morse is the president of Worthington National Bank, and co-authored with daddy on […]

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We Go To The Worthington National Bank Grand Opening

We went with daddy to the Worthington Bank Grand opening in┬áColleyville TX. The president, Greg Morse gave us a personal tour of the new bank. We posed with daddy at the opening. Mr Morse said he couldn’t pose ’cause he was wanted by the FBI. Willie says that’s a crock of crap, but I think […]

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