The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Caricatures as Christmas Gifts!

Aren’t these cute? Christmas gift. Thanks for all the cards and gifts from our friends. Please visit our Facebook page and become our fans, we have over 1,300 fans there. Here’s the link to our Facebook page. These caricatures are real cute.

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Christmas Day, But Santa Wasn’t Happy

Well, Santa wasn’t happy. When he came last night, Willie peed on his boot again, and Lance ate his cookies when he wasn’t looking. SO.. ANYWAY.. this is likely the first and last happy picture we will get with Santa for a long time. Willie says Santa’s are different people every year, so we will […]

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We Go To See Santa!

Daddy took us to see Santa. Daddy says its important to see Santa at Christmas, ’cause he can bring us cool gifts. It was fun, but Willie isn’t gonna get any gifts I fear, ’casue he peed on Santa’s boot. Santa acted like he didn’t care, but I saw him write something in a log […]

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