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Pogo’s Last Day In TX

Yesterday was Pogo’s last with us, he flew away to Ohio to his new forever home. Our Uncle Keith Sturgeon flew Pogo in his plane. We are jealous, as we’ve never gotten to fly in a plane. He was one of the sweetest fosters we’ve ever had. Here are some pictures of daddy giving him a nice good bye kiss. We were gonna get a big triple layer cake as a going way gift, but daddy poo-poo’d that idea, he doesn’t want us getting people food. He is such a sour puss.

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081409 017 Pogo is lucky, a new home and a plane flight. But we like our life with daddy, and he says he will get us on a plane some time, but Willie cant go potty till we land, and Lance cant whine like a baby.

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  • Pam B. in CT on April 9, 2010

    Heartwarming!! Best wishes to Pogo and his new family.

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