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Blog Posting Instructions

Instructions for blog posting

Word press is very unfriendly to use, especially if you are posting pictures. After you’ve registered here at the blog, you can certainly go right in and post using the wordpress software, if you know how to use it.

BUT.. I recommend a little 3rd party tool called Bytesscout Post2blog. You will find the link here to download it, its free.

After downloading it, you will have to configure it, but its pretty easy. Email me if you have trouble getting it configured. Entry/posting works much like Word, so it’s really easy to use.

When inserting a picture, use the >insert command, make sure you link to the full sized image, just tick the box. No other items have to be entered, just click ok.

To insert a hyperlink, underline the text in your posting that you want the link to be represented by, then click on >insert, >hyperlink. Type your link in the box “URL” and hit “create”. It verifies the link is good (something wordpress doesn’t do, so this is nice)

Put your title in the Title box, make it snappy so people want to read, and the browsers like Google put a lot of weight on a title, so make it use the keywords that are most important to your topic and what you want the listing to be found for.

Set the date and time you want to post, you can delay the post. I like to come here and do a bunch of posts, as many as a month’s worth, one per day, marking a calendar as I go, then I only need to post once per month. You have to use the drop down for the date; the calendar image doesn’t seem to work.

Insert your keywords in the bottom right box. Keywords get extra attention from search engines, but also make sure you type particular things like your dogs name, or other stuff particular to your posting. Later, on the blog, you can type in that word/term and it will show you all the postings that have the word/term.

Hit publish, and it will prompt you to save the posting, then it pauses as it uploads your images. Hit “new post” to do another test, or just quit.

If you post into more than one blog, you can use the tool for all of them, there is a drop down in the top bar for selecting the blog you want to post into. I’ve put a screen shot below to show you what the screen looks like, you can see this posting for Feb 09, 2010, after it posts. Try the key word “Lily” to find it. Double click the image below to open it to full size.

blog posting screen Bytesscout Post2blog

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