The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Arthur on the scales, Our Dog Walker, and other Fun Pictures

some cute leftover pictures. Arthur, he was our foster brother a few months ago, he weighed 35 pounds, and needed to lose 10 pounds. Here he is on the scales, he got weighed once per week, and in 4 weeks lost 4 pounds, but then went to a new home. He was very sweet, but […]

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Lance Loves Dr Pepper!

Lance is our newest foster brother. He loves Dr Pepper. Well, actually he likes the bottles, full or empty. He drags them all around daddy’s office. it irritates daddy, but we think its funny. Lance is nearly full grown, but only weights 8 lbs, about half of a normal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel weight. He […]

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