The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Wow – We Are Too Cute

We are just too cute. Send bone money, daddy can give you the address. OOHHH.. Bentley loves to chew on Daddy’s Tag Heuers. We see a whuppin’ in his future. Daddy hurry back. Its dark. You know what this picture means? We are working REAL early or REAL late. But we love hanging with daddy.

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Daddy Do I need Glasses?

Lance is a ring tailed tooter trouble maker. He sometimes like to eat things, usually expensive electronic items, like bluetooth ear pieces, but he doesn’t discriminate, he also likes Tag Heuer sunglasses, but only if they are expensive. But he is sure sweet. Everybody loves him. (but I must add that only daddy is buying […]

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