The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Share That with Us Daddy?

Daddy is really stingy with people food, but we don’t beg ’cause we know if we display our manners he will give us a treat. He doesn’t know that we know the treats are just morsels of our low calorie dog food, but we know he loves us, and they are pretty good actually. (OM […]

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This is Uncle Rodney (Rodney Ross), he is daddy’s right hand man, he takes care of daddy’s cars, and he takes real good care of us. He loves puppy dogs. He takes us to the docs office too. those are nice people there, but Willie says its a bad place, we don’t want to go […]

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Our Dog Walker Linda

Daddy got us a dog walker, cause he says he wants us to get outside more during the day when we are at work with him. Willie says its because Dixie’s ass is too big, and Lance said he doesn’t care why, he just wants to GO! Actually daddy hired the lady, Linda Bearce, because […]

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