The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

No Name Has A Name!

thanks for all the help, it was fun. I was inclined to do Bentley, but here is the tally. Conan -6 Barkley -4 Brewster -2 Rusty -13 Redford -8 Rubin -11 Bentley -20 This was fun. Check out the pictures. The valet’s told me what the “B” badge meant the tother day. “Oh Baby”. whatever. […]

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Vote for your final choice for dog name!

BABY NEEDS A NAME. Here are the finalists. Sorry, i worked till 10 pm, and have had meetings all day. I got over 100 ideas, thanks to my email list and facebook friends. The Babies have over 800 friends on their page "Spoiled Cavaliers". There were too many good ones, so I narrowed it to […]

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A New Rescue – Help Us Name Him

Help us name our new rescue, the contest ends Wednesday at 6pm We don’t want him to go too long without a name. He is a ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, rescued today from the Grand Prairie pound, where he was unclaimed. They thought he was about 1 year old, though we cant be certain. […]

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