The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Willie Guards the Money, Daddy Spends It

Willie likes to be a big shot and say he guards the money. But we know for a fact he has never growled at anyone, or bit anyone. Hes just like a boy, all hat and no cattle, talking big. We know the money bag doesn’t have any money in it, Daddy just gives it […]

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Can We Buy Bones With This Money Daddy?

Can we buy bones with the money daddy? We so want some bones. Daddy is such a curmudgeon unless its for a new electronic gadget or a new shirt. It’s not right. We are fixing to go to Mickey d’s, we go there every morning, Daddy lets us have the bun, he eats the good […]

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MONEY on the console!

Daddy took his money out at McDonald’s, and Willie says we should hide it for Petco. But we don’t have pockets or wallets, and if we eat it, it wont be good Willie says.

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