The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Samson Goes to a New Home!

Samson has gone to a new home! we are very sad, cause he was really the best and cutest foster brother we have ever had. Here you can see him with his new mommy, Laine Perry. They live in Midland, so we are never gonna get to see him again. he was the most perfect […]

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Babies People Watch out of the Car!

We love riding and watching people out the window. People honk at us all the time, especially when we are in exotic cars. Dixie says they are honking at him cause she is so pretty, but she is just a selfish bitch. The green Lamborghini was daddy’s favorite car, but a customer totaled it.

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Daddy Only Buys Cars That Are Dull Colors

Daddy only buys ugly cars that are dull. this one is Lime Green. The Italians call it Verde Ithaca, go figure. I can say it but Willie cant.  We like it! Its a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo. It’s fun to ride in, and its fast and sounds good!  

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