The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Iphone Application-My Cavalier

If you dont have it, get the application for your iphone, "My Cavalier". It’s a nice application, and lets you send pictures of your baby for their gallery.

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More Pictures With Daddy!

What the heck? why does he think he has to be always taking pictures? Daddy takes too many pictures, and now he takes movies on his Iphone so watch out. Please, someone call him and tell him to take off that goofy earpiece before he takes a picture? Its very embarrassing to us.

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Dixie Gets an Iphone!

Dixie a new 3Gs Apple Iphone! NOT. Who are we kidding? Daddy is too much of a curmudgeon to get us anything that nice. Dixie is still using a Razor that’s over 5 years old, and it wont even dial. Willie has a Samsung, but its a flip phone and the top half is gone, […]

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