The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

IPAD Training

Chandler is learning how to use the Ipad, but his paw is too big so he’s pissed off. Willie thinks he is so smart because he is the only one that knows how to use it, so we have to give him our requests. He spends all his time on line looking at, looking […]

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Willie Hogs The Ipad

Willie’s hogging the Ipad again. Are you gonna share daddy?

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We Get AN Ipad, No Typing Required

We finally talked daddy into getting an Ipad. Willie is the only one of us that can type, and use the computer, or so he says, but now we can all go on the ’net, since we dont have to type to use it. Lance says we need the passwords to the credit cards, so […]

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